SF Sonic is a well-known brand that manufactures a variety of automotive and Inverter batteries. The specification information on SF Sonic battery label may vary depending on the model and type of battery. Just search us Best Sf Sonic Battery shop near me for best result.


We AapkiBattery Authorized from Company so don’t worry about replacement of battery and warranty claim. Here is a general outline of the typical information of SF Sonic Battery.

  1. Brand Logo: The SF Sonic logo or branding is usually prominently displayed on the battery.

  2. Battery Model: The battery model number, which helps identify the specific type and capacity of the battery, is often displayed prominently.

  3. Battery Type: Information about whether it’s a maintenance-free battery (MF) or a conventional battery (also known as a low-maintenance battery) is typically indicated.

  4. Voltage: The nominal voltage of the battery, usually 12 volts for most automotive applications.

  5. Capacity: The battery’s capacity is usually indicated in ampere-hours (Ah) or reserve capacity (RC), which provides an estimate of how long the battery can supply a specific amount of current.

  6. Cold Cranking Amperes (CCA): This is an important specification for starting batteries and represents the maximum current the battery can deliver at 0°F (-18°C) for a specified time.

  7. Polarity: The positive (+) and negative (-) terminals are usually marked, indicating the battery’s correct orientation when installed.

  8. Manufacturing Date: You should find a date code that indicates when the battery was manufactured. This is important because batteries have a limited shelf life, even if they haven’t been used.

  9. Safety Warnings: Battery labels often include safety information and warnings about handling, charging, and disposing of the battery properly.

  10. Manufacturer Information: The label may include information about the manufacturer, such as their name, location, and contact details.

  11. Certifications: Depending on the region and application, the battery may display certifications or standards compliance, such as ISO, BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), or others.

  12. Maintenance Instructions: If it’s a maintenance-free battery, there may be instructions on not needing to add water and how to properly maintain the battery.

  13. Installation Instructions: Some labels provide basic installation guidelines or recommend professional installation.

  14. Other Specifications: Depending on the specific battery and market, additional information like warranty details or unique features may be included.

Always refer to the specific label and accompanying documentation for the most accurate and detailed information about your SF Sonic battery, as the format and content can vary between different battery models and manufacturers.


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